I am a lover of life. I try to live in the moment, though am known to fail miserably with an embarrassing number of “countdowns” scribbled on post it notes, in diaries and on my phone.

I am an extrovert, my energy, passion and motivation is fuelled by the friends and family around me.

I like to be organised and have a clean house but also fail pretty miserably at this as am easily distracted by

I am a mum to Archer born in February 2018 who is the light of my life and has shown me to love more then I ever imagined possible. I am also a dog mama to a three year old maltese shitzu, Dora who undoubtedly rules the roost in our home. I am a wife to a golf, cricket, AFL, fishing (you get the picture) obsessed husband. We have been together for nearly 12 years. We also have three free range chickens who have more attitude then Kanye West and rarely lay eggs.

I am unwaveringly proud of being a Canberran and it really doesn’t bother me if you think its the worst place on earth, the less people who know our secret of how good it is to live here the better.

I am a lawyer by trade but am also passionate about photography, cooking, eating and travel. I wish I had more time for these other pursuits and that is why I have started this site.

You can email me at thegirlhassparke@gmail.com

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